2005-P-D-S California Quarter Dollar
Doubled Die Listings

by Ken Potter - NLG
Photomicrographs Ken Potter 2007 unless otherwise noted

Philadelphia Mint Listings

Doubled Die Reverse #1 

Variety Coin Register Number: VCR#1/DDR#1: This one involves doubling of design details as pointed out by the arrows.  The doubling is pointed to with black arrows while the origin of the doubling is pointed at by red arrows.

Markers:  Obverse - Many.  Reverse: Many with perhaps the die scratches through the letters of "YOSEMITE VALLEY" some of the most distinctive.

Submitted by:  Harold Kuykendall 10/07

Cross References:  CPG: N/A, CONECA: N/A, Wexler: N/A , Crawford: N/A.

Cause:  Tilted Hub Doubling.



Denver Mint Listings



San Francisco Mint (Proof) Listings



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