"John F. Kennedy/Marilyn"
Commemorative Tribute Coin!
Huge 48 mm 52 grams Pure 100 mil Silver-Clad

4-x Larger Than a Regular Kennedy Half Dollar!

On Feb. 11, 2004, forty years after the first Kennedy Half Dollars were minted at the United States Mints, history was made again when the first John F. Kennedy/Marilyn tribute coins rolled off the presses upon the order of the American Freedom Mint!  Through special arrangement with AFM, we have been named the exclusive distributors of this coin, which we are making available to the general public through our limited-time offer! 

   On November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, was killed by an assassinís bullet.  Within months, a mourning nation had approved, designed and began production of a new half dollar coin, which would bear the likeness of the slain president on the front and the Presidential Seal on the reverse.  Never before had a coin design been conceived, approved and produced so quickly!

Those original historic coins were released to an eager public on March 5th, 1964.  People waited in lines blocks long to obtain just one of the memorial coins on their first day of issue from the nationís banking institutions.  Many of those coins are still treasured heirlooms to those recipients and their families.

The American Freedom Mint has commemorated the original Kennedy half dollar coin with a tribute issue of their own Ė a coin that honors Kennedy on the front with the exact portrait found on the United States Half Dollar and tasteful poses of Marilyn on the reverse.  The first strikes of this commemorative tribute issue came off the Mint's presses exactly 40 years after the originals!

 Now you can own a piece of what is sure to become an historic heirloom to collectors of John F. Kennedy memorabilia in the years to come.  These commemorative tribute coins were struck on highly polished, pure 100 mil silver-clad blanks.  The dies used to strike them boast a special satin finish on the designs and highly polished fields.  The result is coins of gem quality with cameo images set against perfectly reflective mirror backgrounds!   Additionally, they are four times larger than the original half dollars to bring out all the intricate details to best advantage. These commemorative tributes represent the minterís art at its finest!

If you act now, you can obtain a limited number of these coins while they last.  Orders are being accepted on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of ten coins per household at $29.95 each.  For an additional $12 per commemorative tribute coin ordered we will also include an original 1964 Kennedy half dollar that has never been touched by human hands and is in blazing uncirculated condition -- just like the day it left the Mint 40 years ago!   Add $6.50 post/hand per order.

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