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Nothing Special -- Just A Few Of The Concerts I went To
Ken Potter

    May 30-31, 1969 Russ Gibb's First Annual Rock & Roll Revival: This handbill could have been in better shape but what do you expect for something dragged around for 35 years?  It's still worth a "million" to me  as it represents the best Rock Festival I've ever attended!  The Acts (at least what I can remember):  The MC5 were great!  I remember at one point a streaker hit the stage, mooned the crowd and was escorted away by security.  I can still remember Wayne Kramer spinning around  in circles and delivering some of the most earth-shattering guitar riffs I've ever heard, ditto for Fred "Sonic" Smith.
    The Psychedelic Stooges (later to be called just the "Stooges") with Iggy Stooge (later to become Iggy Pop) were masters of an art years before its time and fortunately, this concert was before they began to self-destruct and were still at their peak.  I must admit, I remember nothing about the Stooges performance at this particular event -- not because I didn't enjoy them (I always did) but undoubtedly because I saw them so often at other venues during this era and  because there was nothing particularly different abut this one to separate it from the others (and 35 years is a long time to remember back!).
     Dr. John The Night Tripper was indeed a "Trip," (as always),  Popcorn Blizzard (I don't see them on the bill but they were there -- weren't they?) was unreal (wherever I saw them and I'd swear it was here), and the minstrel David Peel  and the Lower East Side band could be seen moving through the crowd all day performing their anthem "Have A Marijuana" and other of their street-corner type performances.
    The Scot Richards Case (SRC to most) delivered the best performance I'd ever seen from them, (which makes me wonder why they never went anywhere) -- and as an aside, it makes me wonder why Dick Wagner and the Frost never got anywhere either as they offered up a notable performance too (Dick finally abandoned ship to play with Alice, etc.).
    The Amboy Dukes (with lead guitar Ted Nugent) showboated the affair by arriving at the gates in a limo (not particularly common to rock bands in the late 1960s -- if at all in Detroit).  Of course, Ted was his normal arrogant self and delivered his expected ear-shattering performance along with the rest of the Dukes.  The Dukes (originally named the Amboy Duke Show or at least that's what is said on the side of their van in 1968 and/or 1969) as they drove past me every day at the corner of Grand River and Six Mile in Detroit where I hitchhiked a ride home from Redford High, without stopping to give me a ride even once. Who were the "other" members of the Dukes (besides Ted)?  Who cares!  At least the MC5 or Russ Gibb would stop to pick you up on the way to the Grande Ballroom!
    The local Detroit-Ann Arbor area group, The UP were their usual selves, delivering pre-punk, garage rock years before its time.  They did one song about a Tootsie Roll with a chorus line that still runs through my head from time to time: "I wana eat ya, I wana eat ya, I wana eat ya -- right now!"  Base!  Very base! But catchy! Of course, Johnny Winter, Chuck Berry, Sun Ra, Terry Reid and other out-of-towners were at their usual best but they lacked the charisma and sheer energy the Detroit bands routinely delivered and the Detroit bands basically blew them away.
    Disclaimer:  This is the way "I" remember it and I've withheld comment on bands I couldn't care less about or just don't remember.

circa 1969

circa 1969/70

The ticket says: "Rain Or Shine" -- Nobody said anything about the nation
having its largest blackout ever!  The concert was rescheduled for August 25th!
An Instant Classic!

Mr. Osterberg (Iggy) Dressed Up Nice -- Mom & Dad Osterberg Were At This Concert
Photos Ken Potter 1980

Handbills Were Passed Out The Week Before A Show On The Way Out From A Concert
I Don't Remember Going To This One - But At Least I Got The Handbill
 April  4-6, 1969

A Reformed MC5 1978 -- None of the Glitter of the 60's here but not bad
Photos Ken Potter 1978

This concert was sometime in the the mid to late 1970s. Who would have thought IB would end playing bars?

A couple of videos I took recently

Vin Dombroski (of Sponge fame) and David Black (of Seduce fame) Masonic of Detroit 12/16/12
This is the second half of "What Child Is This/Run Run Rudolph". The first half featured Detroit's, Thornetta Davis and Vinny on vocals. When Thornetta Davis left the stage it was clear that David Black (who I hadn't seen since the 1980s at Blondies on 7 Mile Rd in Detroit) was going to get his chance at showcasing some of his fancy guitar work so I decided to record it. Vinny, (who I hadn't seen since the Pine Knob R.O.A.R. tour in June of 1997), did a nice job on vocals. Capping this extravaganza was Patti Smith (along with Jessi and Jackson Smith and others) whom I chose not to tape so I could better watch the show. We complained about our so-called "VIP" box seating (how the hell did I buy those?) and were told we could go down on the main floor and take any open seating available. We walked to the front and got front row center seats! Great concert!

CrashDollz "Smack My Bitch Up" at the Ritz in Warren, MI 12/29/12
CrashDollz at the Ritz in Warren, MI 12/29/12 performing "Smack My Bitch Up". An excellent show at this intimate small venue. This was the first time I saw them but I'll be sure to see them again.

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