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Somalia 2004 5-Dollars
"Unique Legal Tender Coin-Stamp"
John Wayne Commemorative

Mock Up Images -- Actual Coins Will Be Available In Late Oct.

    New technology has made this exciting coin possible, which honors one of America’s greatest icons, John Wayne,  in full blazing color.  It represents an actual U.S. Government issued Commemorative Stamp which has been made an integral part of a legal-tender Somali $5.00 coin.

    It is the first time a stamp has ever been officially incorporated into the design of a coin!  The stamp is not “pasted on” but has been permanently embedded in the coin and is fully protected.  

    The coin has been struck in beautiful Proof Quality and in .999 pure silver clad.  The obverse is in magnificent full color. 

    This Legal Tender Commemorative Coin is has a large, impressive 48mm diameter which is nearly 10mm larger in diameter than a U.S. Silver Dollar!

    Due to the limited availability of the John Wayne Stamp, this coin is a very limited edition.  Please place your order today!

Dealers Wholesale Pricing

                       $13.75 Each

(Coin is also available in 2 ounces of .999 Pure Silver, but requires a minimum order of 50 pieces.  Please call for pricing.)

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