Notice of Warning
RE: eBay user: jrochniak

eBay user: jrochniak has failed to use a valid email address which prevents sellers from making contact.   I have attempted to supply him with the details of his winning auction at least a dozen times since he won.  All emails to this AOL user's email address are returned by AOL as "not a known member."   It is apparent this person is a prankster or does not know what he is doing.  He activates then deactivates his AOL "member name/email address," "," just long enough to bid in auctions, send messages and leave feedback -- then he closes the account and presumably uses one of the other five member names/addresses he has available from AOL.  I have been monitoring his user name (as to when he may reactivate it and come online) for several days by adding it onto my AOL Buddy List and he has never been on line -- at least long enough to be sited by me.  He has bid in exactly two eBay auctions under this user name and has left identical feedback to both sellers.  See the other seller's feedback by going here: Other Seller.
jrochniak is obviously a prankster and should be ignored and avoided.  Below is a copy of the most recent email that I attempted to send him.
Sincerely yours,
Ken Potter

Re: eBay Request total for Item#1023735145 (The Simpsons "Collectors Coin" Pu...
In a message dated 11/06/2001 5:19:48 PM !!!First Boot!!!, writes:

<< The buyer entered the following message: i've been waiting a few days now. can you please send the info you are supposed to so we can finish the deal


Item Title: The Simpsons "Collectors Coin" Pure Silver
Item #: 1023735145
Item Price: 20.50 plus $2.95 p/h = grand total $23.45

As always -- all the information you require is right in the auction.
None the less, the information you requested has already been sent to you a dozen times over the past few days; AOL has been recognizing you as " not a known member." Please straighten out this problem with AOL and lets get this deal done.
I am getting very tired of attempting to contact you three or four times a day!!!!
Sincerely yours,


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