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1937 Doubled Die Obverse
Washington Quarter

Copyright Ken Potter 2002

Subject:  1937 25c Doubled Die Obverse

Variety Coin Register Number: VCR#1/DDO#1

Cross References:  Breen#4287, CPG-FS#25c-011, CONECA-DD0-001, Wexler-DD0-001, FS#1c-043

Description: This Doubled Die Obverse shows strong to very strong doubling on IN GOD WE TRUST, the date, eye lid, nose, queue and ribbon end.   Light doubling can be some on portions of LIBERTY (not shown).

The variety is the result of Class V - Pivoted Hub Doubling.  This form of doubling is the result of a misalignment of images due to the die or hub being pivoted in relation to the other tool during the hubbing process.  On most Class V varieties, the pivot occurs at or near the rim and results in a fan-shaped spread of doubling that progressively increases in width as you move further away from the pivot point.

A number of different causes have been identified for creating a pivot condition with one of the more common scenarios being sloppy alignment slots around the circumference of a hub.  If they are worn or machined on the hub oversize they may fail to form a properly shaped alignment groove on the die during the first impression.  This can result in sloppy fit-up during indexing for the next impression and various forms or classes of hub doubling may result.

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