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1962 Doubled Die Obverse Lincolns


The first variety is listed in the Variety Coin Register as VCR#1/DDO#1 and exhibits doubling on the date, TRUST, nose, lips, chin and tie. This one is probably not too difficult to attribute but photo identification is recommended.


Our second variety is listed as VCR#2/DDO#2 and shows doubling on the date and TRUST. Other similar varieties are listed. Die scratches or grinding marks show as a pattern of spikes justting upward to the northwest from the rear of Lincoln's collar.  Without these positive die markers (or others) this one would be virtually impossible to attribute.


The third variety is listed as VCR#3/DDO#3 and is one of the many doubled dies for this date known on proofs. It is similar to several other listed varieties; without photos or a professional evaluation it would be impossible to attribute.  A small die chip found within the O of GOD helps to identify this variety.

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