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The 1994 Doubled Die Reverse
"Columns In Steps"
Lincoln Cent Variety

by Ken Potter, NLG
All photos and text © Ken Potter 1999-2000

Note:  The original article that resided at this URL was split into two articles with text updated on December 28, 2003
See the first part of the article here:  1994 DDR 1c "Columns Within Columns"

This view shows the most prominent area of doubling as
the fluting from the columns shifted into the stylobate below;
notice that in all cases the secondary images of fluting
are positioned directly below the primary areas of fluting.

A view showing the effect the fluting shifted into
the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Building

Here are three views shot at different angles to
highlight various areas of doubling

Click Here To See An Image Of Stage 2

Variety Coin Register Number: VCR#2/DDR#2: Easily overlooked but rather pronounced on the Memorial Building where we can see evidence of fluting from columns shifted south into the steps. This one is known in two distinct stages with the second stage showing a rather softened version of the variety. Coin Submitted by Kenneth Edgar 2000.

Cross References:  CONECA: Not Known, Wexler: WDDO-004.

Cause:  The cause of this variety is that of a probable "limited pressure tilted hub doubled die."  The exact sequence of events is unclear.  What is clear is that the first impression was sunk into the die blank with less than average pressure resulting in portions of the highest points of design, (the fluting from the columns of the Memorial Building), being very lightly impressed into the die blank.  The tilt may have been noticed and the hub backed off and die blank set flush to the hub and the pressure reapplied.  Or the pressure of hubbing may have forced the die blank flush during hubbing, thereby causing design to move or be dragged from one location to another as the die seated itself properly.  The appearance of design looking as if it was "dragged" from one location to another seems to indicate a single-hubbing with die/hub slippage scenario as the more probable cause.  Later impressions appear to have not been sufficient to completely "hub out" the effects of the "first kiss" of the hub on the die.

See the first part of the article here:
1994 DDR 1c "Columns Within Columns"

    Ken Potter is the official attributer and lister of world doubled dies for the Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America and for the National Collector's Association of Die Doubling. He privately lists U.S. doubled dies and other collectable variety types on both U.S. and world coins in the Variety Coin Register.

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