New 2007-P Adams Dollar
Edge Varieties
by Ken Potter - NLG

2007-P "Matte Finish Edge"
Small Diameter / Thick Rims Adams Dollars

Two views of the so-called Matte Finish Edge -- the coins are also smaller in diameter w/thicker rims than normal.

    August 13, 2008 -- Back in September of last year I wrote a story for Numismatic News about several different edge variations that had been observed by various collectors over the country on 2007-P John Adams dollars.  One of the most important is what was being referred to as a Matte Finish edge on the 2007-P Adams dollars. NGC wrote about them on their website and at about the same time a national advertiser in Coin World offered them for sale for a short time until they quickly sold out.  For months we tried to obtain some for stock but had difficulty finding any.  Finally we located some and they are now in stock.  You can find them offered on my error-variety coin sales page with more details as to what they represent by going here:

2007-P "Small Font & Large Font"
Edge Lettered Adams Dollars

Two views of the so-called Small and Large Font 2007-P Adams dollars.  Notice the narrow chisel-like
recesses of the "Small Font" and the wide recesses of the "Large Font" especially noticeable on the 7 and P.

Here is another view of the so-called Small and Large (or narrow and wide) Font 2007-P Adams dollars.  In this view you can see
that the Large Font characters show obvious doubling,  a characteristic that a number of collectors finding these have pointed out.

     Additionally, I wrote about what some finders were referring to as Small Font and Large Font Edge Letting and to date still do not know what the exact cause is but there are indications from one of my sources that these may actually represent different edge lettering dies (though this is far from confirmed at this point).  Nonetheless, whatever the cause, they are distinctly different and we have also put some of them into stock.  You can find them offered on my error-variety coin sales page with more details as to what they represent by going here:

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