Ken Potter's Educational Series ...

Interesting Die Clashes
With Raised Details In Design

by Ken Potter - NLG

Clash Marks crossing ear on a 2004-D Roosevelt dime from clashed misaligned dies (approx 5%).
Coin courtesy of Erik Nielsen

Another view of 2004-D Roosevelt dime w/clash in ear; also notice raised area below nose (possible clash/die sinking or repair work) and in front of eye.  Die shows ring or ridge around entire periphery - a diagnostic of die degradation/sinking, in this case possibly caused prematurely by the clash.  Photo shot at angle to show this best from the L of LIBERTY through IN and WE.

Strong Clash Marks on 1993-D Kennedy half.  Within the portrait below the ear and jaw line we see it as raised elements where in the field (where the neck meets the jaw line) it is incuse.

Strong Clash Marks on a Canada 1950 5c (known on dozens of dies) is raised within the ear and just outside

Sword-like clash marks from obverse border rim from left of date to smoke at about 9:00.  These clash marks are nearly as prominent as much of the design.  It is also interesting to note that this is an example of to incuse areas of design clashing and showing their effects within 

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