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Important Notice:  Examination Services Are Not Currently Availble Until Further Notice.


                                   Before You Read Any Further Please Note The Following:
All examinations are provided on an "As Time Permits Basis."  What that means is that no matter what may have been suggested to you (by me) as the approximate time your coins will take to turn around -- it may take longer if current events dictate.  At this time turnaround time is about 90 to 120 days.  Persons sending over ten coins may experience longer delays. Please DO NOT send coins without examination fees -- if you do and we decide to attribute anyway you will be billed according the below schedule.

World Variety Listings: I am currently the official attributer and lister of world die varieties for the National Collectors Association of Die Doubling and for the Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America. Any variety within those classes generally recognized as being "collectable" is fair game. However, the variety should be easily viewed under 10x magnification before I will list and shoot photos of it. Die varieties submitted that are new to our files will be assigned a Variety Coin Register Number.  We do NOT assign numbers to error coins and just describe what they are.

U.S. Variety Listings: U.S. varieties are listed by us privately (independent of the clubs noted above) and for the most part are restricted to listings of those of about the significance of what you would find in Walter Breen’s Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins or in Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton’s, The Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties. We do not discourage the collecting of the more minor varieties but do not wish to duplicate the efforts of others who are already collecting data in this area.  Varieties submitted that are new to our files will be assigned a Variety Coin Register Number.

Error Coin Examinations: We will examine and render an opinion on any coin suspected to be an error of any type, i.e., Planchet error, Die error or Striking error.  These types are not assigned Variety Coin Register numbers.

Examination Guidelines and Fees

1. Send coins anytime -- appointments no longer necessary.
2. Coins should be in flips or envelopes, with no staples! Please be sure that your name, address and insured value of coin is on each flip or envelope.
3. Please submit no more than 10 coins per shipment for examination, unless approved in advance. Payment should be enclosed when coins are submitted for the requested service.
4. Please include return postage and insurance fees: 
5. Please indicate the variety type and which side of the coin it is on. Also make a note of the strongest area of doubling (if this applies).
6. Please include an inventory list with each coin submitted described on that form along with its insured value. If no value is indicated, return insurance will be for $500 for the entire group or whatever funds sent allows.
7. The Examinations Fee for all varieties and errors is $5 per coin.  Count a doubled die obverse and reverse as two coins even if one of them doesn’t interest you (as both must be photographed and recorded and such work can be extensive).
8. Express Service: coin in and out within five business days (from the day received).  $25.00 per coin according to same rules above.  Include postage for USPS Express or Priority Mail return if this is desired as normal mail might defeat the purpose of this service.  Please write in very bold lettering (preferably in red) “Express Exam” in the lower left hand corner of your package when using this service.
9. Fees for examinations are non-refundable even
if the coin turns out to be a non-listable class of variety, damage or alteration. Depending on the work involved and the number of coins submitted - the fee(s) may be reduced and an overage refunded.
10. If you want to be sure of when your coins arrive please use Delivery Confirmation Service with the post office.  Please do not ask me later when they arrived as this takes away from the limited amount of time I already have to examine coins.

Photography Guidelines and Fees

1. Please indicate whether macro (full coin) or micro (extreme close up) shots are required on each coin (error coins like double strikes are best shot as macros and doubled dies and such are best shot as micros.  You will rarely need both types of shots for a given coin) but we will supply as needed.
2. All photos are delivered in jpg format at full size. Cost of photographs is $25.00 per coin (per type of photo) delivered to you via email or CD (add $5 extra for the CD option).  Photos sent via email will be edited and sized down to a manageable size.


Signed PhotoCertificates are available listing you as the submitter of a coin, a brief description of what it is along one or more images (at my discretion).  These will only be issued for error-varieties that are deemed to be of a value worth certifying.  PhotoCertificates are available for $35.00 per coin.

Packaging Tips & Calculating Return Postage and Insurance

We suggest that you obtain a copy of Postal Bulletin PB-21883A-January 1, 1995 (or any that may be more up to date), to determine the cost of return postage fees or go to  We strongly suggest that you package all items securely with plenty of padding and packaging tape. However, if you choose to send coins in a risky unsecured fashion, such as a 2x2 wrapped in your letter and stuck in a plain envelope - please add an extra $2 over your postal cost, as we will be returning in heavier more secure packaging.

Please send all coins via insured mail or registered mail. Registered mail is the most expensive method of insuring your coins but is the safest and is recommended for any coin(s) you definitely don’t want to lose, for very valuable coins and for heavier packages with a value of about $500 or more (registered mail actually becomes cheaper after you reach a certain weight and value - check with your post office when in doubt). Unlike many examination/authentication services that require registered mail, we allow you to pick your method of securing your coins. We’ve shipped thousands of packages via insured mail and are convinced that this method is also extremely safe (when the method of packaging is secure) and that most coins of lower value that are replaceable should be sent this route. No matter what anybody tells you - registering a $25 RPM of which you have several more is a waist of money - I recommend that you simply insure such an item for the minimum amount and send first class.

                                                                          Ownership, Use of Images & Credits

All coins submitted may be photographed for use in the printed or electronic media by Ken Potter (or others that he may assign such rights to) and will remain the intellectual property of Ken Potter.  Persons ordering images may use them as they see fit but are asked to credit the photographer in the following manner: “Image(s) © Ken Potter.” Persons not ordering images must have written permission to use them if they find them in any media in which they may be copied and used without authorization.  Submitters of coins used in the media will be credited by name and state unless instructed otherwise

 Ship all coins and make all checks payable to:
(Please-no credit cards or PayPal for examination fees)
 Ken Potter
P.O. Box 760232
Lathrup Village, Michigan 48076-0232 U.S.A.|
Phone: 1(313)255-8907 Fax: 1(313)255-0144

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