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1997 Doubled Die Cent
"Doubled Ear"
Copyright Ken Potter 2002

View of Lincoln Profile With Double Ear

Shown above are two views of the same photo of the 1997 "Double Ear" cent variety.
The top view displays all the areas of doubling highlighted in red.
The lower image shows the same image unobstructed by the highlight.

Subject:  1997 1c Doubled Die Obverse

Variety Coin Register Number: VCR#1/DDO#1

Cross References:  CONECA-DD0-001, Wexler-DD0-001, FS#1c-043

Description: This Doubled Die Obverse, often nicknamed the "Doubled Ear," displays strong doubling of the curl of hair above Lincoln’s ear and ear lobe; less obvious doubling shows on the lock of hair in front of upper ear and throughout other areas of the hair (doubling shows in a total of 15 areas).
The cause is most likely due to a tilted die blank seating itself into proper position during the hubbing process -- a condition that has been confirmed as occurring by Mint workers with hands-on experience at both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.  One Mint worker described the action of a tilted die seating itself properly during a hubbing as having a distinctive "clunking sound" -- a familiar ring to anybody who has spent considerable time operating  presses set up for stamping operations where the work-piece may be loaded off-location but forced into position by the upper die during a cycle (a sound this author has heard hundreds of times during his stint as a press operator).

Submitted by: Larry Philbrick 11/97; later discovery submitted by Bill O’Rourke and Debbie Lehman on 2/23/98 10 miles from Hershey, PA.

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