1968-S United States Mint
Coinage Dies

Last updated January 12, 2003

These are genuine 1968-S coinage dies from the San Francisco Mint! Naturally, they have been defaced but the entire shank including the serial number (prefixed by an "S" for San Francisco), is undisturbed making them one of the most unusual items you can own. Instead of being defaced by grinding (the current method used by the Mints), the devices were torched (or puddled - as they called it), leaving a much more aesthetically pleasing effect. Each die comes with a copy of a February 1973 letter from Mint Director Mary Brooks explaining some of the history of how these dies escaped the Mint and stating they are legal to own.

Dies described as having a bit of detail generally show little more than a letter or the tops of two letters or perhaps a bit of Lincoln's bust, a corner of the Memorial Building, etc. Please do not expect the see major areas of design - the Mint did a good job of eliminating this on the vast majority of dies. While this is not a great deal of design detail it is far more than the "completely defaced" dies sold to collectors by the Mint in recent years! Also, a few of the dies offered below deviate from the norm and bear a serial number sans an "S" prefix letter. These dies are from earlier emissions (probably from the 1950s) and bear very low serial numbers ranging from #5 to number #456. These "earlier dies" are identified by a note stating such in the descriptions below.

Standard Business Strike
Lincoln Cent Dies

w/"S" Mint-Marked Serial Number

Lincoln Cent Die w/no detail (obverse or reverse - our choice) $49.95

Lincoln Cent Die Pair w/no detail (obverse and reverse set) $98.00

Lincoln Cent Die Pair (obverse and reverse set) set w/a tiny bit of detail still showing $200.00

Earlier Style Lincoln Cent Dies

w/early serial numbers sans an "S" prefix

Lincoln Cent Die w/no design detail (obverse or reverse - our choice) "earlier style"die $49.95

Lincoln Cent Die Pair w/no design detail (obv/rev set) "earlier style" $98.00

Misc. U.S. Dies / Odds & Ends

(unique or available in small quantities)

Lincoln Cent Die Reverse w/a bit of bust detail and a "Base of Bust CUD Die Break" S-Mint type die (emailed image available) $150.00

Lincoln Cent Die Obverse w/S-Mint type Serial number punched in too high - only lower tips of characters show $49.95

Lincoln Cent Die Reverse w/no detail - S-Mint type serial number etched in by hand (only four dies out of hundreds were found numbered this way) $49.95

Lincoln Cent Die Obverse w/no detail - Serial#12 - has two indexing flats instead of the normal one flat (only one in stock) $100.00

Lincoln Cent Die Reverse w/no detail - Serial#256 - Cud Die Break up side of shank to face of die $135.00

Jefferson Nickel Obverse Die showing most of "TRUST" and the "E" of "WE". Serial#S79. Appears to be an unfinished die as the shank is not lathed down to the proper size and jig-bolt marks are impressed into the side of the area normally lathed down (emailed image available) $150.00  Now Sold

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