I'm interested in all the coinage dies with values that are from Marshall Islands.  There were several in your images sent a few weeks ago though it was hard to tell what some of them were (if they were actually coin dies or not).  Give me a total in how many are actual coin dies of the type with a value on them (I think these will all be $5 or $10 values) and a price for them all.

Also interested in the ones with Kennedy.  There are mostly without denominations (no $5 or $10 values appearing on them) but look like they are partially started coin dies that were never finished.  Give me count and a total on these.

Also interested in any that are of stamps like those below; give me a count and total price.  I have a buyer for these that would probably allow me to pay about $24 each on these just to give you an idea of what I can pay on stamp dies.

Also interested in the group of misc., that I have cropped out of the images you sent.  Unfortunately, I still could not make out what everything was but of the items I could, I found a few of interest to my customers.  Give me a total on this group.

Ken Potter




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