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Strike It Rich
With Pocket Change

Error Coins Bring Big Money
by Brian Allen & Ken Potter
NEW Third Edition

    April 12, 2011 -- Have you ever knowingly spent $100 on a candy bar or $50 on a soft drink? As ludicrous as the concept sounds, the authors, Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen suggest that there is no doubt you have unintentionally done this numerous times without even knowing it, contending that there are just as many valuable coins in circulation today as there were 50 years ago. As more collectors and general coin enthusiasts are drawn to the treasure-hunt appeal of error and variety coins, interest in everyday coins is increasing as people take a closer look at the change in their pocket.
    The U.S. Mint's popular state, territorial and America The Beautiful quarter programs and the introduction of the Westward Journey nickels (in 2004-5) and a new dollar coin series has produced new discoveries and has generated greater attention and interest from the public.
    Thus the need for an updated version of this book, which helps make sense of it all and gives greater meaning to phrases including "Doubled Die," "Repunched Mintmark," "Double Edge-Lettering," "Misaligned Clashed Die" and "Die Dents." 
    In this new edition of Strike It Rich with Pocket Change readers learn about the different types of errors and varieties and how to spot them in varying types of coins, using the unique and useful combination of nearly 1000 photos and illustrations comparing properly minted coins with their error counterparts. In addition, the authors' insights help dispel common myths about error and variety coins.
    Among the coins included in the listings are Lincoln Memorial cents, Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, John F. Kennedy half dollars, state quarters and all the dollar coins issued since the Eisenhower dollar through the current Presidential dollars. While the listings focus on the more valuable rare coins, the principles discussed throughout this book can be applied when researching and inspecting any coin for possible errors.
    The book can be found in book stores such as Barnes & Noble, Borders,, and many numismatic book and supply dealers. An autographed copy may be ordered direct from Ken Potter by sending $19.99 plus $3.99 shipping to P.O. Box 760232, Lathrup Village, MI 48076

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Do It Yourself Counterfeit Protection ...
Detecting Counterfeit Gold Coins
by Lonesome John Devine

This is the latest 1994 Printing

    This is the one and only -- the original -- Detecting Counterfeit Gold Coins by Lonesome John Devine!  Tens of thousands of counterfeits exist on the popular coin types now being placed in portfolios every day! With a focus on the universally popular subject of counterfeit gold coins, Devine examines the diagnostics of many individual U.S. and foreign coins; numerous dates of U.S. $1, $2-1/2, $3, $5, $10 & $20 gold coins are explored, the Canadian 1967 $20 gold, British Sovereigns, French, Netherlands, Russian, Mexican, Swiss and other counterfeits are fully examined and illustrated by Devine's world renowned photography. You'll learn more here about the diagnostic features found on counterfeit gold than in any other book ever written on the subject!

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