From ...
A PQ ANACS Certified MS64
So-Called 1950-D over S
Over Mint Mark
Roosevelt Dime
In Mint State Grade!
As Listed In The "Red Book!"

The coin we offer here is of the same
die stage shown in the photomicrograph above

    This is the so-called "S over D" that is misattributed in the Red Book, Cherrypickers' Guide, and in the CONECA listings as such.  It it actually a S over Inverted S which is a truly rare variety type in it's own right.  In fact, Vertical over Inverted Mint Mark varieties are far less common on United States coinage then Over Mint Marks!  No matter what you want to call it, it is a major variety that here to stay since it's listing in the Red Book cemented it in as a "must have" to collectors of the series.  Cherrypickers' Guide lists this variety at $400.00 for MS63 -- (which is the highest grade they list it in) and it lists at $350 in the Red Book for the same MS63 grade.
    This one is a very attractive high-end MS-64 piece with no distracting marks or stains.  It's nice and original and exhibits 90% white surfaces and hints of toning that began only after the coin was slabbed several years ago (which is a lesson to those that insist on and pay extra for bright 100% white, (i.e., "dipped out"), coins that are going to tone later anyway)!
    You'll find this coin an extremely attractive, problem-free, addition to your collection!  There will be no surprises.  The coin delivered from this auction will be exactly as shown and described -- except our scans make it appear more toned than it is.  This is a truly rare coin that is not offered often and only the second Mint State specimen we have had in stock!  The true rarity of this coin dictates that it is one with a bright future that we feel is destined to do nothing but increase in value.  Unlike other "rare" varieties that have popped up with alarming frequency once they were publicized in high-circulation books such as the Red Book or Cherrypickers' Guide, this is one that has remained elusive to say the least.

ANACS-64 $499.00    

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