2007-P Adams Dollar Errors!
Smooth (Plain) Edge - Double Edge-Lettering
Matte Finish Edge -- Small & Large Font Edge Letting

Plain (or Smooth) Edge 2007-P Adams Dollars!

Here is a look at the plain edge (also known as "smooth edge" and "godless dollar") variation.

Plain Edge Adams Dollar Prices
These are many times scarcer than the George Washington Smooth Edge dollars!

MS63/64 $399.00, MS65 $550.00
JT Stanton Signature Series PCI Graded: MS65 $650.00, MS66 $750.00, MS67 $899.00

Double Lettering Edge 2007-P Adams Dollars!

Here is a look at the two double edge lettering varieties. The edge-view just below the full-view shot of the dollars
shows the word GOD "struck" over an upright date while the edge-view on the coin below it shows the word GOD
"struck" over an inverted (upside-down) date.  In all cases the doubling is across the entire edge like this!

     The entire edge-inscription: “2007 P - E PLURIBUS UNUM - IN GOD WE TRUST” is doubled all the way around on every coin! Every one is different!  Some have both edge-inscriptions jumbled up in the same direction (as seen in the top left micro-image with the word “GOD” over the date). These have the tops of their inscriptions facing the reverse (Position A) or facing the obverse (Position B). Others are bi-directional as in the lower left micro image showing “GOD” over inverted date (Position A over B).     

Double Edge Lettering Adams Dollars Prices

Double Edge-Lettering (Overlapping) Tops of Letters Facing Rev (Position A)
MS60/+ $89., MS63 $99.99, MS64 $109., PCI-65 $149., PCI-66 $165., PCI-67 $185.  

Double Edge-Lettering (Overlapping) Tops of Letters Facing Obv (Position B)
MS60/+ $89., MS63 $99.99, MS64 $109., PCI65 $149., PC-66 $165., PCI-67 $185.  

Double Edge-Lettering Bi-directional (Inverted)  (Position A inverted over B)
MS60/+ $89., MS63 $99.99, MS64 $109., PCI65 $149., PC-66 $165., PCI-67 $185.  

Double Edge-Lettering (Position Of Our Choice)
ICG-61 $99.00

       *PCI Certified coins are in JT Stanton Signature Series Holders!

Understanding the Lettering Position Designations

Using the PCGS System, Presidential Dollars With The Tops The
Edge Lettering Facing the Reverse Are Designated As "Position A"

Those With The Tops Of Their Letters Facing The Obverse Are "Position B"

Here Is An Inverted Type (Position A Over Position B) Where We Can See Letters Facing Both Directions


“Typewriter or Repeater Edge”
Adams Dollars!

     Mathematically, only about one out of 100 of the double edge-lettered Adams dollars will have a repeater effect as shown here.  Some will overlap slightly like a 1955 Dbl Die Cent while others will have total separation between all or most of the characters along the edge. The effect is uniform along the entire edge as in: 22000077 PP IINN GGOODD WWEE …” These routinely sell on eBay for 10x of more the prices of the typical jumbled edge doubling and stand out as the premiere Adams dollar error -- even over the smooth edges in terms of both rarity and visual effect! Most everybody that had any of these is now sold out!  This is the toughest of all the Adams errors! We were able to obtain 16 out of about 2,000 double-edge errors we searched and offer them here on a first come first serve basis.

MS63/64 $750.00, MS65 $850.00


More 2007-P Adams Dollar Edge Varieties

Matte Finish/Small Diameter Edge Errors

Two views of the so-called Matte Finish Edge -- the coins are also smaller in diameter w/thicker rims than normal.

2007-P John Adams Dollar.  Matte Finish Edge/Small Diameter Errors!  These errors obviously went through the Schuler edge letting machine with the edge lettering die set too tight.  The result is that the coins were force-spun butted up all the way to the shoulder of the edge letting die thus transferring a sort of matte effect from the shoulder of the edge lettering die to the edge of each coin.  The process also reduced the diameter of each coin significantly in addition to creating extremely strong edge lettering and thicker rims (you can only fit 23 of these into a plastic tube intended to hold 25). We purchased just under 50 of these and found their average diameter at around 26.33 while the diameter of  the normal coins is 26.50.We offer them as follows:

 MS63 $39.95, MS64 $49.95, MS65 $75.00

Small Font & Large Font Edge Lettering Varieties

Two views of the so-called Small and Large Font 2007-P Adams dollars.  Notice the narrow chisel-like recesses
of the "Small Font" and the wide recesses of the "Large Font" especially noticeable on the 7 and P.

2007-P John Adams Dollar "Large Font" and "Small Font" Edge Lettering. Set Of Four Coins.  We do not know the exact cause but the  so-called Large Font is distinctly different than the Small Font in that the Large Font has wide flat tops that are nearly as wide as the bases of the letters while the Small Font is characterized by a gradual taper that results in more pointed tops to the letters.  Per Set with tops of Large and Small Font letters facing reverse (Position A) and Large and Small facing obverse (Position B). Total of four coins per set.

MS63 $14.95, MS64 $24.95, MS65 $39.00

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