New From the Royal Oak Mint ...
Exact-Size Reproduction
1793 Wreath Cent

Pure Copper / Full Red!
Double Strikes
(w/Two Dates!)

Off Center Strikes

Typical Double Strike From The Group
photo © Ken Potter 2002

photo © Ken Potter 2002
Typical Off Center From The Group

    These die-struck 1793 Wreath Cents are reproductionsof this classic rarity minted on pure copper planchets just like the originals; the reverse shows "COPY" incuse, neatly worked into the design as required by law.
    The pieces offered here are Royal Oak Mint's reproductions of Double Strikes and Off Center Strikes!  All of the Double Strikes chosen for this offering boast two dates!  Only 100 pieces of each type of "error" were reported struck!
    Each these
fascinating pièces de caprice were fed into the dies by hand!  The Double Strikes were minted normally for the first strike and then minted off center for the second strike while the Off Center Strikes were fed into the dies and struck with the planchet off center.
    It is doubtful that anybody could ever own a genuine double strike like these and the off centers (if they exist) would also be extremely prohibitive.   Now you can own them as high quality reproductions!
    They look, feel and ring like the real thing!   They are the perfect coins for error collectors that need to fill those impossible holes in their "Type Error Coin Collections" or for the Copper Specialist that desires to own such elusive rarities!
    Very few of these were made and they are not being offered to the public in any of ROM's ads!

Note:  We were the very first to pick through the small group of these interesting pièces de caprice. Naturally, we picked out the very best for our customers.  We picked the nicest double strikes with the most of two dates showing and the furthest off center strikes possible!  You will not find better quality anywhere else!

Your Choice of Full BU/Red
Double Strike or Off Center at:
$49.95 each
Or Both For
(plus postage)
(Also availabe with a custom factory-toned-brown finish at $5 per coin extra)

Thanks for looking!
Ken Potter - Royal Oak Mint Director of International Sales

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    Terms of Sale:
Satisfaction guaranteed! 14 days return privileges for items in original untampered holders -- no questions asked with 100% of the price charged refunded less our actual cost to ship the item(s) or postal charges collected (whichever is higher), plus a $3 processing fee for returned items purchased via eBay or other auctions.  

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