1999 Lincoln Cent Error
"Cup & Saucer" Mated Pair!

Upper two photos are of Coin#1; lower two images are of Coin#2.

This error is comprised of two separate coins that were struck together to create a rare occurrence that the hobby affectionately refers to as a Cup & Saucer!  The upper coin is a nice "Die Cap" w/a Brockage Reverse while the lower coin is a Huge-Spread-Out-Deeply-Cupped-Double-Struck-Broadstrike with a Counter-Brockage Obverse!  Both strikes on the lower coin are on-center w/doubling best viewed on the tops of the letters about the reverse rim. Must be seen to be believed! With the U.S. Mint tightening security on the errors that get out -- this coin can do nothing more than to become an even rarer error type than it already is!   Nice BU pair $650.00

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